• Lack of awareness and scientific knowledge on feed and fodder management resulting in indirect economic losses for cattle owners.
  • Lack of awareness on primary and preventive health care resulting in decreased productivity of cattle.
  • Accessibility to good quality veterinary health care services is a growing concern in many parts of the country.
  • Ever increasing gap between demand and supply in feed and fodder limits the performance of dairy animals.
  • Late maturity of heifers, ineffective detection of heat symptoms, increased calving interval and disease-causing abortion leads to huge economic loss to cattle owners.
  • Lack of extension support services leading to very poor knowledge transfer.
  • Lack of unique, digital animal identification and traceability and records on breeding, productivity, treatment, and vaccination leading to spread of diseases.

Our Initiatives

Dvara E-Dairy Solutions aims to empower every small and medium dairy farmer in India with comprehensive financial and cattle management solutions to help them participate and prosper in the growing dairy economy by providing them suitable digital solutions by leveraging new age technologies.

Our Solutions:

  • Surabhi ID – Technology to leverage digital identity of cows and buffaloes.
  • Surabhi Score for Financial Access (SSFA) – Digital Assessment of the cow and provide cattle specific recommendations for financial services institutions and dairy farmers.
  • Surabhi Mithra – Field level workers who helps in collecting data from farmers.

Dvara Initiatives

At A Glance

Credit potential for Dairy sector

Several Pilots conducted with lending institutions, insurance companies and directly with farmers.

Where We Are

Our Presence


Ravi K A

Founder & CEO,
Dvara E-Dairy
Ravi K A is the Founder and CEO at Dvara E-Dairy. He has vast experience across Agribusiness and Rural Finance and extensive exposure across the entire product life cycle including product development, rural sales and marketing. He holds a Masters degree in Management from the prestigious Asian Institute of Management, Manila and brings hands on experience in conceptualizing and leading implementation of innovative financial inclusion model for rural India.

Balaji Lakshmanan

Co-Founder & CTO,
Dvara E-Dairy
Balaji is Co-Founder & CTO at Dvara E-Dairy. Balaji brings over 12 years of entrepreneurial and professional experience in innovation, product design as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise. Balaji has built robots and AI driven products for Banking, Telepresence and HR companies. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and a MS in Research from IIT Madras.

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