More than 25% of the people worldwide have no access to basic financial products and services.

Furthermore, 65 million or 40% of the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries, which are one of the strongest drivers of economic development, innovation and employment, have unmet financing needs.

Ensuring comprehensive financial inclusion for low-income households (LIH) involves enabling access to basic financial services such as savings, credit, insurance and pensions in a manner that meets their financial needs and aspirations.

Dvara Venture Studio

At Dvara Holdings, we believe that social impact, financial inclusion and financial returns are in a symbiotic relationship when it comes to investing.

We strategically invest with a strong conviction that positive, sustainable social impact enhances, rather than diminishes, the profitability of investments.

The deep, continuous exchange between Dvara group of companies and the communities in which they are embedded strengthens the foundation of mutual commitment. The success of each entity thereby expands the possibilities for further investments, propelling us to build relationships with more communities and to bring positive, sustainable impact to more places around the world.

Dvara KGFS

Dvara KGFS is building and supporting local, geographically focused community financial services institutions called Kshetriya Gramin Financial Services (KGFS). Each branch serves the local population focusing on a limited geography, offering a suite of financial products to remote rural households. Read More

Dvara Solutions

Dvara Solutions designs and offers technology solutions for financial institutions and enables them to deliver high-quality financial services in a convenient, flexible, reliable and continuous manner. Read More

Dvara Money

Dvara Money is a digital platform that facilitates the distribution of financial products by leveraging technology and deep customer insights to deliver focused and suitable solutions to its customers. Read More

Dvara E-Registry

Dvara E-Registry aims to help channel financial products to rural India using an intelligent blend of macro and micro alternative and traditional data to bridge the information asymmetries between clients and providers. Read More

Dvara SmartGold

Dvara SmartGold is successfully promoting micro-savings with the objective of motivating and assisting the more vulnerable households in creating a Financial Safety-Net for their families. Read More

Dvara E-Dairy

Dvara E-Dairy is focused on solving problems of dairy farmers by deploying new-age technologies and providing access to financial services. It creates synergy between dairy farmers and lending institutions and assists them to make informed decisions. Read More

Dvara Health Finance

Dvara Health Finance (DHF) is looking to address critical health financing gaps and enable access to high-quality care. Read More

Northern Arc

A trusted platform that caters to the diverse credit requirements of under-served households and businesses by providing efficient and reliable access to debt finance. Read More


FinReach Solutions aims to improve access to credit for unserved/underserved but viable Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises/Entrepreneurs (MSMEs). Read More