‘Dvara’ coined from the Sanskrit word dvarata, meaning access, speaks to our vision of enabling opportunities and new beginnings for millions of low-income households.

We are a group of professionals with a strong belief in the transformative power of financial services. We are interested in systemic change and therefore undertake two kinds of activities: policy research and investing in/supporting commercial efforts where we believe there is a market gap.

Who We Are

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Our Philosophy

Increasing access to finance first involves the challenge of bringing the population into the country’s formal financial system.

Our work is focused on three pillars that we believe constitute a well-functioning financial system – High-Quality Origination, Orderly Risk Transmission and Robust Risk Aggregation.

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Our Journey

Founded in 2008, Dvara Trust was formerly known as IFMR Trust. Since 2008, Dvara has served millions of households in India through various group companies.

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We look for the risk takers, the disrupters, the ones who can think of the tomorrow, today!

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Dvara’s Board of Directors bring a diverse range of experience from both the private and public sectors including commercial and investment banking and corporate and non-profit management.

The board comes together as an action oriented think tank advancing financial inclusion through powerful leadership.

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