‘Dvara’ coined from the sanskrit word ‘Dvarata’, meaning access, speaks to our vision of enabling opportunities and new beginnings for millions of low-income households.

We are a group of professionals with a strong belief in the transformative power of financial services. We are interested in systemic change and therefore undertake two kinds of activities: policy research and investing in/supporting commercial efforts where we believe there is a market gap.

The Dvara Venture Studio

At Dvara we believe in working on solving problems from an innovative perspective. Our business model is designed to reflect the same principles as a Venture Studio.

Dvara’s Venture Studio serves as a partner to the entrepreneurs and provides them with the eco-system to build sustainable, scalable businesses right from ideation stage to a pre-seed or seed stage. As a start-up-building machine, Dvara’s Venture Studio (DVS) effectively combines the disruptiveness and agility of a start-up with the stability of an experienced team and expert domain knowledge.

Our Core Value Proposition

The core value proposition of the Dvara model, is to focus on reduction in time it takes to build start-ups by significantly reducing the risk, at the same time attract more talent to ideate and innovate on new problem statements.

Dvara’s studio provides a greater hands-on approach and a suite of early-stage services like a platform to launch the minimum viable product and achieve product-market fit in the closed environment of the Dvara’s ecosystem giving entrepreneurs greater leeway to experiment.

The studio also provides other services like Finance, HR, Tech so that founders can focus their complete time and energy towards building their business.

Dvara Entrepreneur-in-Residence

The Dvara’s Venture Studio Model is uniquely positioned to increasingly enable entrepreneurship and encourage greater diversity in the start-up eco-system in India. At the Venture studio we aim to build several start-ups in parallel or succession in the Financial Inclusion vertical.

The Dvara EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) Program is a unique program run by Dvara Holdings where we at Dvara partner with talented, passionate, innovative, and insightful entrepreneurs to build new businesses that fulfil the Dvara Mission of financial inclusion.

We want to pursue new opportunities through a more open and inclusive approach and invite opportunities to partner with entrepreneurs (EIRs) who have great ideas or are willing to listen to ours and build newer businesses that help serve low-income households in more compelling ways than ever done before.

We promise to offer a unique environment for our EIRs that gives them an anchor of our mission, access to patient capital, opportunity to gain insights from our talented researchers at Dvara Research, collaborate, learn, and partner with other leaders in our group companies and to benefit from our network of partners.

Our incubations are Dvara Money, Dvara E-Registry, Dvara E-Dairy and Dvara SmartGold.

Dvara Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program – Providing Structured Access to Entrepreneurs

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Our Philosophy

Increasing access to finance first involves the challenge of bringing the population into the country’s formal financial system.

Our work is focused on three pillars that we believe constitute a well-functioning financial system – High-Quality Origination, Orderly Risk Transmission and Robust Risk Aggregation.

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Our Journey

Founded in 2008, Dvara Holdings has served millions of households in India through various group companies.

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We look for the risk takers, the disrupters, the ones who can think of the tomorrow, today!

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Dvara’s Board of Directors bring a diverse range of experience from both the private and public sectors including commercial and investment banking and corporate and non-profit management.

The board comes together as an action oriented think tank advancing financial inclusion through powerful leadership.

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