Dvara Research

Dvara Research is a financial systems policy research institution.

Its overarching strategy is to bridge evidence gaps with rigorous research, generate policy-relevant insights and bring together a constructive coalition to deliver this vision.

It has four policy research initiatives: Financial Systems Design, Household Finance, Future of Finance Initiative and Social Protection Initiative.

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Dvara KGFS

Dvara KGFS is building and supporting local, geographically focused community financial services institutions called Kshetriya Gramin Financial Services (KGFS). Each branch serves the local population focusing on a limited geography, offering a suite of financial products to remote rural households. Through its wealth management approach, the KGFS model endevors to maximize the financial wellbeing of customers by offering solutions based on the Plan, Grow, Protect and Diversify (PGPD) framework.

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Dvara Solutions

Dvara Solutions designs and offers technology solutions for financial institutions and enables them to deliver high-quality financial services in a convenient, flexible, reliable and continuous manner. Through its flagship product Perdix, it helps automate end-to-end process of a financial institution through modules such as the customer management system, loan management system, audit management system, business intelligence system and learning management system.

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Dvara Money

Dvara Money is a digital platform that facilitates the distribution of financial products by leveraging technology and deep customer insights to deliver focused and suitable solutions to its customers.

Dvara Money’s first product, ‘Spark’, is a mobile-based application that provides its users with easy, flexible and tailored solutions to help them realise their goals. It empowers users to take financial decisions quickly with minimal effort.

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Dvara E-Registry

Dvara E-Registry aims to help channel financial products to rural India using an intelligent blend of macro and micro alternative and traditional data to bridge the information asymmetries between clients and providers. By harnessing a variety of technologies like mobile and GIS and the power of Machine Learning, Registry makes the process of participating in the mainstream financial marketplaces seamless and enables customisation of products. Initial pilots and partnerships are in place and we hope to launch formally soon with an initial set of services in some selected launch geographies.

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Dvara SmartGold

Dvara SmartGold is successfully promoting micro-savings with the objective of motivating and assisting the more vulnerable households in creating a Financial Safety-Net for their families. It is the only institution that is offering a savings product, that the target customers are familiar and comfortable with and are willing to benefit from the significant value that the platform provides. Launched in October 2019, the Dvara SmartGold Micro-Savings platform allows the customer to save in a familiar asset class – Gold, in the most convenient, secure, and cost-effective manner and allows the flexibility to use gold savings anytime for any planned requirements or emergencies.

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Dvara E-Dairy

Dvara E-Dairy is focused on solving problems of dairy farmers by deploying new-age technologies and providing access to financial services. It creates synergy between dairy farmers and lending institutions and assists them to make informed decisions. The solutions will help dairy farmers to track the health of cattle and improve income.