Poverty Alleviation:

  • Mobilizing savings will empower deposits, strengthen MFIs and alleviate poverty in ways that lending alone cannot.
  • Combining micro-credit and micro-savings appears to increase income in India and Kenya.

Women Empowerment:

  • Propensity to save for marriages, schooling, emergencies AND practice of keeping savings secret from other family members spans culture, history, and geography.
  • Female borrowers tend to open extra Grameen Pension Savings a/c without the knowledge of their husbands so as to protect hard-earned savings from their whims.

Product based on lifecycle goals:

  • Poor can and do save for many reasons, including building assets and to cover expenses related to life cycle and extraordinary events.
  • Enhancing assess to savings using innovative savings products has a higher likelihood of reducing poverty.
  • Assess to savings, is the beginning of access to other formal services.

Our Initiatives

Dvara SmartGold enables households to create a financial safety net through the medium of uniquely crafted gold micro-savings plans.

They enable customers to save in small flexible instalments (SIPs) as per their cash availability. Customers can utilize their savings seamlessly at any point of time as per their requirement.

A Phygital solution to savings:

Gold as an asset class has stood the test of times, across centuries, as the preferred saving tool to protect purchasing power and household savings amongst households around the world, especially in developing countries with relatively high inflation rates and very few retirement benefits.

Dvara SmartGold offers a modern interactive digital platform that offers insights, information and an easy-to-use application for customers.

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