A Majority Of India’s Workforce Is Employed In Short-Term, Non-Permanent Platform-Based Work, Commonly Referred To As The Gig Economy.

Access to financial services for this segment workers is always a challenge from traditional financial institutions. Problems faced by this segment are:

  • Limited formal financial products
  • Reliance on informal channels
  • Credit is used as a substitute for savings and insurance
  • Poor financial literacy and know-how

Our Initiatives

Dvara Money Aims To Be The Trusted Partner For Financial Wellness To The Urban Low-Income Household.

To accomplish this mission, Dvara Money offers wealth management services and distribution of financial products by leveraging technology and deep customer insights to deliver focused and suitable solutions to urban underserved.

Using ‘Spark’, a mobile application developed in-house, the company weaves together a customised bouquet of financial products across savings, loans, insurance, investments, and tax, helping chart a path towards financial wellness for customers in a user-friendly manner.

To further serve the taxi drivers and other gig and unorganised communities to file their taxes and help plan their finances, award-winning socially driven startup, CabDost, merges with Dvara Money to enable financial inclusion through financial advisory and tax filing, exclusively built for the urban underserved.

Dvara Initiatives

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