• Small dairy farmers who have no or limited access to affordable credit.
  • Unorganized fragmented market for milk and milk products involves a chain of middleman who reaps the actual benefit depriving the producers from their due share.
  • The industry is plagued with quacks who are unable to diagnose health issues at the right time
  • Lack of insurance due to which the cycle of informal credit drags the finances of these farmers.

Our Initiatives

Dvara E-Dairy Solutions aims to change the fortunes of small and medium farmers, help them expand their cattle herd and increase their income through the enablement of formal finance, insurance and health and dairy management services.

Dvara E-Dairy Solutions leverage technology to match the cow identity with their solution, Surabhi ID. Farmers are able to check the health of the cow before purchase and the Surabhi Mitra app also helps arrange credit through Dvara KGFS against the cattle.

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