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Technology forms the core of our work. At Dvara Solutions we believe in the transformational impact of technology on businesses and more so in the case of those involved in financial services delivery. With the advent of mobile phones and tablets, the power of technology is unlimited and its reach is wider and deeper than any time in the past.

Perdix, our flagship product, is a comprehensive technology product aimed at automating processes of financial institutions and thereby enabling such financial institutions to serve their customers better in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The design of Perdix allows for:
  • One view of the customer across various products
  • Integration with banks’ core bank system through a robust middleware / switch to enable business correspondent transactions
  • Integration with the insurance companies’ systems enabling real time policy issuance and seamless claim settlement
  • Integration with other third party systems such as mutual funds and NSDL
  • Real time settlement systems and depositories

Perdix provides wide-ranging functionalities that enable an entity to create innovative and sustainable solutions to serve its clients better. Both hosting and non-hosting solutions are offered by Dvara Solutions, wherein the former would include a complete package of technological solutions whereas the latter would comprise of modular software solutions for any originator to add on to their existing software.

Modules offered by Perdix

Perdix offers an end-end customer management system that helps financial institutions in lead generation, KYC, credit bureau check, full loan origination and collections. Through Customer 360, one can get a full view of all transactions of the client that includes past and present loans, historical data, documents, risk and relationship dashboard and customer statements.

  • Lead Management Module – Perdix’s Lead Management module offers comprehensive lead generation process that includes lead input, lead bulk upload, lead follow-up, lead queues and lead processing.
  • Loan Origination Module – Perdix’s Loan Origination module offers an ability to on-board the customer, KYC collection and Verification, online real-time Credit Bureau check, Risk Scoring, Appraisal, Document scanning, Legal and Technical evaluation, Collateral Management, Appraisal, Credit check, Risk check, Credit committee and Sanction process.
  • Collections Module – Perdix offers full-fledged collections module that has features for both regular and overdue collections. This includes Cash, NACH, PDC and ECS. Perdix also offers a comprehensive legal process for overdue collections that includes legal notices, asset repossession and related processes.

Loan Management System offers the users everything that a core banking system offers. This includes multi-product with various loan sizes, tenures, tranche-wise disbursements, EMI schedule generation, customized appropriation sequence, fore-closures, loan restructuring, settlement, rescheduling, NPA and write-off definitions amongst a host of other features.

  • Integrated Accounting Software Perdix Loan Management System offers an integrated accounting module that helps a financial institution to do full loan lifecycle accounting, manage multi-level GL accounting, create chart of accounts that includes, trial balance, balance sheet and P&L.

BI forms the core of any high quality financial institution. It helps the institution to understand the customer needs and performance trends of various products and devise business strategies in a proactive manner. The BI portal has structured MIS reports for people in different hierarchy and also configurable view to enable any type of slicing and dicing of the data.

Perdix’s Wealth Management Software helps financial institutions in recommending suitable financial products to their clients and thereby enabling their clients to achieve their goals. Through the state of the art ‘Financial Wellbeing Report’, Perdix maps the customers’ financials, goals and cash flows and in turn offer suitable financial product recommendation to meet their goals.

Audit Management System offers features such as automated sampling, automated audit scheduling and scoring among other features to manage operations risk and control frauds.

Salient Features
  • Full system is mobile enabled
  • Flexible Process and Workflow Management
  • Flexible Product definition
  • Multi-dimensional risk scoring engine
  • Configurable legal forms / contracts definition module
  • Psychometric test framework
  • Document Scanner
  • Deviations and Mitigants
Value-add to the client
  • Multi-product Capability
  • Online real-time Credit Bureau integration
  • E-KYC and Aadhaar integration
  • Configurable Workflow and roles
  • Flexible product definition
  • Automated legal documents
  • Inbuilt Mobility solutions