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With 85% of India’s 460 million workforce currently engaged in the unorganised sector, there is a significant proportion of the workforce vulnerable to shocks. In this context, we have been sharing our insights on issues related to informal/unorganised sector workers and emphasise on need for social security. 


Comments on Social Security Code, 2020 – By Anupama Kumar
Comments on the Code on Wages, 2019 and Draft Wages Code Rules, 2020 – By Anupama Kumar & Apoorva Bantula
Proceedings of Roundtable on Social Security for Self-Employed Workers in the Informal Sector – By Social Protection Initiative
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Registering Benefits: A Future Path of Action for Self-Employed Workers – S. Irudaya Rajan (Centre for Development Studies)
Challenges to Social Security for Self-Employed Workers in India and the Code for Social Security Bill 2019 – By Saurabh Bhattacharjee (The WB National University of Juridical Sciences)
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Our Response to the Ministry of Labour on the Draft Code on Social Security, 2019 – By Anupama Kumar
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Millions on the Move: Narratives of Labour Migrants in India  (Part 2) – By Rupal Kulkarni (Shram Sarathi) 
Millions on the Move: Narratives of Labour Migrants in India (Part 1) – By Divya Varma (Aajeevika Bureau)
Who owns social security schemes in India? – Principles for a robust framework – By Vishnu Prasad
Designing a Minimum Social Security Floor for the Indian Unorganised Sector – By Vishnu Prasad
What Ails Social Security for the Indian Unorganised Sector? Challenges in Design and Implementation – By Vishnu Prasad