As part of our policy initiatives, we work on systemic issues that impact the financial landscape of the country. In this section, we curate some of the broader themes that highlight our research and advocacy on critical topics that are impacting the system.




Dvara Research and Northern Arc Capital, in collaboration with xKDR, launches a new workstream, which seeks to design and create a financial inclusion measurement system.

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Dvara Research through this new workstream/theme tries to layout pathways to enhance health financing in India to achieve universal healthcare. This workstream also provides research support to the Lancet Citizens’ Commission on Reforming Indian Health Systems.

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COVID- 19 pandemic has made a damaging impact on the lives of low-income households. In this context, we have been sharing our insights on issues related to low-income households and some recommendations to tackle the issues.

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At Dvara Research, we assess the last-mile delivery challenges in welfare and provide policy and design solutions to minimize exclusion errors in the delivery architecture

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At Dvara Research, we analyse how low-income households use financial and non-financial instruments to attain their objectives to inform product design and policies to serve them better.

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Gender Gap in Finance

Our insights on the gender gap in access and usage of financial services

Informal Sector Workers

Our reflection on issues related to informal
sector workers in

Priority Sector Lending

Our work on addressing the regional disparity in
Priority Sector


Our contributions towards why suitability should form the core principle of consumer protection

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

We have been active in responding to issues related to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

Social Stock Exchange

We have been sharing our insights on the Working Group (WG) report on the Social Stock Exchange


Dvara Research has been contributing to the public discourse on India’s personal data protection regime since 2017