A year into the pandemic and the number of lives and livelihoods lost, due to both the pandemic and pandemic-driven lockdowns, have been increasing rapidly. Governments at different levels have been responding with a series of policy announcements aimed to help the citizens tide through the ongoing crisis. Here we track all policy responses announced by the Centre and states.

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  Government Announcements
S.No State Date of announcement Beneficiary Type of benefit Benefit Target Population Duration Date of benefit renewal Source
61 Centre 29-05-2021 Others Compensation

Benefit of ESIC pension scheme for employment related death cases is being extended to those who have died due to Covid (between 24-03-2020 and 24-03-2022). Dependent family members of such persons will be entitled to the benefit of pension equivalen

62 Centre 29-05-2021 Children Health financing

All children who lost parents due to Covid19 will be enrolled to PMJAY. The premium for these children till the age of 18 will be paid by PM CARES

577 Link
63 Centre 29-05-2021 Children Compensation

Children who lost parents due to Covid19 will be given admission in the nearest Kendriya Vidyalaya or in a private school as a day scholar. If the child is admitted in a private school, the fees as per the RTE norms will be given from the PM CARES. G

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64 Centre 29-05-2021 Children Compensation

PM CARES will contribute through a specially designed scheme to create a corpus of Rs 10 lakh for each child who lost parents due to Covid19 when he or she reaches 18 years of age. This corpus to be used for monthly stipend between 18-23 years of age

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65 Centre 24-04-2021 Front line workers Health financing

Extension of the insurance scheme for health workers fighting Covid19 to provide comprehensive personal accident cover of Rs. 50 lakh (extension for a period of 180 days)

22.12 lakh 6 months Link
66 Centre 23-04-2021 Ration cardholders In-kind transfer-New

5 kg free food grains to be provided to around 80 crore beneficiaries over and above normal entitlement under NFSA in May and June; extended to November 30

80 crore 7 months Link
67 Odisha 08-06-2021 Others Cash transfer-new

Financial assistance of Rs 3000 to street vendors.

87675 One-time Link
68 Odisha 03-06-2021 Others In kind-new

For Covid management, relief package including dry ration kit of Rs 2,500 for Partivularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG).

294401 Link
69 Odisha 17-05-2021 Children Compensation

Free education for children who lost their parents due to Covid-19.

70 Madhya Pradesh 13-05-2021 Children Cash transfer-new

Rs 5,000 as monthly pension to all children who lost either/both of their parents/guardians due to the Covid pandemic. State Commission too is going to render Rs 2,000 monthly to each such kid under the government’s existing Child Sponsor Scheme. Sta

71 Maharashtra 03-06-2021 Children Compensation

An FD of 5 lakh to be set up for those children that lost parents due to Covid

141 One time Link
72 Maharashtra 14-04-2021 Pensioners Cash transfer-new

Rs 1,000 would be given per person for two months under Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana and Indira Gandhi scheme for aged people

35 lakh 2 months Link
73 Maharashtra 14-04-2021 Informal workers (other than BoCW) Cash transfer-new

Rs 1,500 for each hawker who is registered with the authorities and whose account number is with a bank under the PM SVAnidhi Yojana; Rs. 1500 for rickshaw owners

5 lakh + 12 lakh One time Link
74 Maharashtra 04-04-2021 Others Cash transfer- new

Rs. 2000 for tribal families through the Khavti scheme

11550 Household/ 12 lakh One time Link
75 Maharashtra 13-05-2021 General public Healtcare capacity building

Special incentives to industrial units under the Maharashtra Mission Oxygen Swavalamban

One time Link
76 Maharashtra 13-04-2021 General public Service

Free meels under Shiv Bhojan Thali scheme for a month

1 month Link
77 Maharashtra 13-04-2021 BOCW workers Cash transfer-new

Rs. 1500 for registered BOCW workers

13 lakh One time Link
78 Maharashtra 13-04-2021 Ration cardholders In kind-new

Three kilos of wheat and two kilos of rice for free for next one month to every poor and needy person

7 crore 1 month Link
79 Assam 10-06-2021 Women Compensation

2.5 lakh one-time assistance, widow pension to women widowed due to Covid-19.

One time Link
80 Assam 29-05-2021 Children Compensation

Children orphaned due to Covid will be given aid of Rs 3500 per month. Those who have no family support willbe given shelter, education support, and laptops. Orphaned girl child of marriageable age will be given one-time assistance of Rs 50,000 and o

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Cash transfer – new: Transfers for a new set of beneficiaries/lump-sum transfers (individuals/households), Cash transfer – advance: Advance payment of existing benefits for future months, In-kind – new: Reduced cost of existing ration provision/increase in quantity/or both, In-kind – advance: Any ration provided for months in advance, Service: Provision of food, shelter, assistance availing benefits, etc., Healthcare capacity building: Allocation of funds to build/ strengthen the health system, Health financing: Includes insurance, reimbursement of medical expenditures incurred by citizens, Discounts and price reductions: Reduction in cost/ ceiling of market prices, Compensation: Regular/one-time payment of relief for family members (who lost lives due to COVID-19)