A year into the pandemic and the number of lives and livelihoods lost, due to both the pandemic and pandemic-driven lockdowns, have been increasing rapidly. Governments at different levels have been responding with a series of policy announcements aimed to help the citizens tide through the ongoing crisis. Here we track all policy responses announced by the Centre and states.

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  Government Announcements
S.No State Date of announcement Beneficiary Type of benefit Benefit Target Population Duration Date of benefit renewal Source
21 Goa 02-07-2021 Others Cash transfer-new

Families of COVID-19 families to get a one time ex gratia payment of Rs. 2 lakhs

3,097 (official COVID-19 deaths in Goa) 1 time Link
22 Delhi 06-07-2021 Others Cash transfer-new

Launched the Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Pariwar Aarthik Sahayata Yojana which would provide Rs 50,000 one-time benefit ( to kin who died out of virus). They provide Rs 2,500 per month (to those families lost earning members)

23 Tamil Nadu 19-06-2021 Others Cash transfer-new

Distribution of Rs. 4000 as Corona cash relief to families of Sri Lankan Tamils living outside refugee camps

One-time Link
24 Tamil Nadu 17-06-2021 Others Cash transfer-new

Rs 5,000 to all officers from second grade constable to police inspector

1,17,184 police personnel One time Link
25 Tamil Nadu 16-06-2021 Children Compensation

FD of INR 3 lakhs and 5 lakhs for children who lost one or both parents, respectively

One time Link
26 Tamil Nadu 01-06-2021 Others In-kind transfer-New

Temple priests and workers without monthly salary will be given Covid relief assistance of 10 kg rice and 15 grocery items from June 3.

14,000 One time Link
27 Tamil Nadu 01-06-2021 Others Cash transfer-new

Temple priests and workers without monthly salary will be given Covid relief assistance of Rs 10,000 from June 3.

14,000 One time Link
28 Tamil Nadu 12-05-2021 Covid patients Service

1 lakh food packets to be delivered to government hospitals in district headquarters for Covid patients during lockdown period.

29 Tamil Nadu 07-05-2021 Covid patients Health financing

The expenses of Covid treatment in private hospitals will be covered under the Chief Minister\'s Health Insurance Scheme (reimbursed by government to hospitals)

30 Tamil Nadu 07-05-2021 General public Price reductions

The price of Aavin milk to be reduced by Rs. 3

31 Tamil Nadu 07-05-2021 Ration cardholders

Rs. 4000 will be provided to all \\\'Rice\\\' ration card holders. Of this Rs. 2000 to be distributed in May and the rest later.

1,85,73,382 2 months Link
32 Rajasthan 29-06-2021 Others Service

Students with special needs will be provided audio and visual study material through Whatsapp to allow continuity of studies during COVID-19.

33 Madhya Pradesh 30-05-2021 Covid patients Price reductions

Maximum rates to be charged for Covid 19 patients who are not covered by Ayushman bharat/ any other insurance fixed

34 Kerala 02-07-2021 Informal workers Cash transfer-new

Government has offered financial support for traditional pottery workers (OBC).

One time Link
35 Kerala 02-07-2021 Informal workers Cash transfer-new

Government has offered financial support for traditional barbers (OBC) for trade modernisation.

One time Link
36 Kerala 01-07-2021 Informal workers Cash transfer-new

Members of the Kerala khadi worker wekfare board to get Rs. 1000

One time Link
37 Kerala 30-06-2021 Children Service

Internet access to be ensured (through recharge or any such means) for ST students

Academic year Link
38 Kerala 29-06-2021 Informal workers Cash transfer-new

Members of the Kerala cultural workers welfare board to get a second cash transfer of Rs.1000

2 months Link
39 Haryana 01-07-2021 Farmers

Government has released a loan amount of Rs 315 crore as loan to sugar mills for clearing the dues of sugarcane farmers for the 2020-21 crushing season.

40 Delhi 02-07-2021 Others Price reductions

Delhi government has slashed the monthly fees charged by private hospitals by 15% in lieu of facilities not utilised by students during the lockdown.

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Cash transfer – new: Transfers for a new set of beneficiaries/lump-sum transfers (individuals/households), Cash transfer – advance: Advance payment of existing benefits for future months, In-kind – new: Reduced cost of existing ration provision/increase in quantity/or both, In-kind – advance: Any ration provided for months in advance, Service: Provision of food, shelter, assistance availing benefits, etc., Healthcare capacity building: Allocation of funds to build/ strengthen the health system, Health financing: Includes insurance, reimbursement of medical expenditures incurred by citizens, Discounts and price reductions: Reduction in cost/ ceiling of market prices, Compensation: Regular/one-time payment of relief for family members (who lost lives due to COVID-19)