The Household Finance Research Initiative at Dvara is launching the Dvara Open Online Repository (DOOR) to provide a single location to access publicly available household finance data in India. It is a carefully curated catalogue of datasets which are a product of various research efforts testing different hypotheses by studying household-level financial decision making. It aims to bridge the gap between researchers and data, by compiling publicly available survey data and making it available through a single user interface. This compiled data will have a wide range of applications throughout the community, both in academic and non-academic circles.

The Dvara Open Online Repository takes the form of a searchable list of datasets. The datasets are listed according to the publications that they were used in, and the authors that collected them. Datasets have been assigned keywords, which are a combination of keywords relating to the content of the paper as well as the variables held within the datasets. Each dataset is downloadable as a .zip file, which contains:

  1. A README file to help the user get started on working with the data
  2. A documentation file that gives the user information specific to the data and its initial intended uses
  3. The data in .csv and .dta formats
  4. The original questionnaires for the survey data (if they are available)