Nishanth K

Head of Research Analytics & Head of SPI

Nishanth K is a researcher working on problems related to financial inclusion and social security from a systems design perspective. He is the Head of Research Analytics, and Head of Social Protection Initiative at Dvara Research working on designing a vision for the future of social security in India owing to the distinct socio-economic realities. Previously, Nishanth worked at Dvara Research driving research efforts in the field of household finance and regulation of credit intermediaries in India which highlight the implications of limited access for low-income households. His efforts have also consistently highlighted an over-reliance on capital regulation in India which has left regulators indifferent to gaping holes in the consumer protection framework in India. He is also passionate about improving mathematical education and keen on finding ways to use mathematical tools in solving problems in public policy appropriately. His work in pattern recognition has been published in the Springer journal of Knowledge and Information Systems. Nishanth graduated with a Masters in Applied Mathematical Sciences and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics.