Research Presentation

Understanding Gold as An Asset Class in India

Gold plays a dominant role in the portfolio of Indian households. Financial policy in India has persistently tried to incentivise households to switch away from physical gold through import duties, quantity limits, and taxes, and towards financial products based on gold such as gold ETFs and sovereign gold bonds. However, households still seem to continue with their preference for physical gold, though the popularity of gold ETFs is also on the rise. Despite the importance of gold in household portfolios, there is no systematic study of gold as an asset class under Indian macro and financial conditions. This project aims to investigate the properties of gold as an asset class that may contribute to its place in portfolios of Indian households.


In doing so, it focuses on:

8th June 2021

16:05 to 16:35 IST


Dr. Renuka Sane

Associate Professor

Mr. Manish K. Singh

Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies