Research Presentation

Household Portfolio Choice and Healthcare-Seeking Behaviour – An Empirical Analysis Focusing on Women in their Reproductive Age (15-49 years) in India

The interlinkage between health and wealth is a well-established fact, but the direction of the causation is still a debate among researchers. Theoretically, health can impact wealth and vice-versa. A large body of literature has empirically examined the role of health status on wealth and the impact of wealth status on health. Among other factors, savings and portfolio choices are a means to create wealth.


Household saving behaviour and portfolio choices may be crucial in shaping their healthcare-seeking behaviours by easing out any stress about paying for care due to unexpected future health shocks. However, there is hardly any empirical research that has examined the role of household saving behaviour and portfolio choices on their healthcare services use. Hence, we attempt to fill this gap by examining the role of both savings behaviour and portfolio choice on the health-seeking behaviour and health outcomes of women in their reproductive age (15-49 years) in India.

8th June 2021

16:35 to 17:05 IST


Dr. Debasis Rooj

Associate Professor, Department of Economics
FLAME University

Dr. Reshmi Sengupta

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
FLAME University