Fix the problems in Aadhaar-based cash transactions

Cash withdrawals through micro ATMs have surged in the wake of covid-related disruptions. But a considerable number of these transactions fail, thus worsening the pain of the vulnerable sections.

Last-mile issues can make or break the promise of Aadhaar

These avoidable implementation challenges on account of Aadhaar can be significantly resolved by a clear legal articulation of permissible uses of Aadhaar through suitable amendments.

Aadhaar’s Potential for Financial Inclusion

We should care deeply that millions of Indians are still turning to expensive informal financial services in the face of seasonal and volatile incomes, despite years of trying to…

Unconditional Cash Transfers – What does research say?

As the government plans to transfer 29 benefits (pensions, scholarships, fuel subsidies etc.) through the direct cash transfer scheme, we look at what research tells us about unconditional cash…