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Dvara Research is a policy research institution based in India. Our mission is to ensure that every individual and every enterprise has complete access to financial services. We strongly believe in the deeply transformative power of finance in unlocking the potential of individuals, households, enterprises and local governments. 

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Our Policy Initiatives

Household Finance​

The initiative aims to rigorously understand the financial choices and decisions of low-income or excluded individuals and households, and their relation to achieving households’ objectives.
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Financial Systems Design

The initiative aims to develop and disseminate financial systems designs focused on achieving both inclusion and stability.
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Future of Finance​ Initiative

The initiative aims to identify and address new challenges for policy and regulation in India around customer protection, given the waves of digital innovation currently sweeping financial services.
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Social Protection​ Initiative

The initiative aims to conduct research that will inform the design and implementation of a universal social security system.
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Centre for Customer Protection

The project aims to meet its goal of designing real world solutions by gathering information and testing solutions among customers
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Latest Themes

Social Protection Open Digital Ecosystems

In this project, we define a ‘good’ SP-ODE to be one which is citizen-centric, and accordingly possesses the following attributes.
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COVID- 19 pandemic has made a damaging impact on the lives of low-income households. In this context, we have been sharing our insights on issues related to low-income households and some recommendations to tackle the issues.
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Dvara Research and Northern Arc Capital, in collaboration with xKDR, launches a new workstream, which seeks to design and create a financial inclusion measurement system.
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Dvara Research through this new workstream/theme tries to layout pathways to enhance health financing in India to achieve universal healthcare
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We assess the last-mile delivery challenges in welfare and provide policy and design solutions to minimize exclusion errors in the delivery architecture
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Latest Work

Does moratorium affect loan repayment behaviour?

August 31, 2023 | Dvara Research

Rakshith S. Ponnathpur & Nitin Vishen

Do UPI-fraud-awareness campaigns work?

August 7, 2023 | Dvara Research

Beni Chugh & Lakshay Narang

Tackling customer protection issues in life insurance for low-income households

June 28, 2023 | Moneycontrol

Priyadarshini Ganesan and Sowmini G Prasad

Latest Tweets

Making UPI payments more customer-centric for new-to-UPI users

This study was conducted through a donation from WhatsApp Pay.
All material created under this study is made available as a public good, accessible through this page

Figure 1: Sample characteristics of the Study | Illustration: Centre for Social and Behavioural Change

This survey helped understand
(i) users’ experiences with using DPAs, and
(ii) the effect of demographic variables (Figure 1) and psychological variables (Figure 2) on users’ adoption and usage of DPAs.

Figure 2: Psychological variables tested in the Study