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Our mission is based on a three-pillar vision of the financial system >

1. High Quality

Establishing a large number of high quality originators, who are equipped with the highest level of capability to fully understand each and every household they serve, and with the ability to take full responsibility for the quality of financial services they offer each household.


> Click here for the principles of risk origination.

2. Orderly Risk

Transferring risk from high-quality originators at the front-end to well-capitalised risk aggregators at the back-end with the aim of establishing an adequate number of moderately capitalised national financial institutions with the ability to closely monitor the  behaviour of local financial institutions and the willingness to absorb residual risk, while requiring that local financial institutions hold most of the risks particular to the households they serve.

> Click here for the principles of risk transmission.

3. Robust Risk

Advocating changes in the financial system such that the well-capitalised and well-diversified entities at the back-end are able to hold and diversify all area-specific risks of local financial institutions.



> Click here for the principles of risk aggregation.

Sucharita Mukherjee,
Dvara Holdings

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