Dvara Entrepreneur-in-Residence

The Dvara EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) Program is a unique program run by Dvara Trust where we at Dvara partner with talented, passionate, innovative and insightful entrepreneurs to build new businesses that fulfil the Dvara Mission of financial inclusion.

Over the last ten years, we have developed unique insights and capabilities through our businesses and research work in the area of financial inclusion. These insights, developed over the years by working with remote rural households in India, has enabled us to build pioneering businesses and undertake rigorous research that has moved the needle forward on financial inclusion.

We are very excited about the opportunities that are getting unlocked through the structural transformations we see all around. At the same time, we have a sense of urgency around solving un-solved problems for low-income households in India, for instance, how can we design better channels to serve households or curate new services that re-imagine the design of financial services for the segment.

We want to pursue these newer opportunities through a more open and inclusive approach and invite opportunities to partner with entrepreneurs (EIRs) who have great ideas or are willing to listen to ours and build newer businesses that help serve low-income households in more compelling ways than ever done before.

We promise to offer a unique environment for our EIRs that gives them an anchor of our mission, access to patient capital, opportunity to gain insights from our talented researchers at Dvara Research, collaborate, learn and partner with other leaders in our group companies and to benefit from our network of partners.

Our Incubations

Dvara Money

Dvara Money is a digital platform that facilitates the distribution of financial products by leveraging technology and deep customer insights to deliver focused and suitable solutions to its customers.

Dvara SmartGold

Dvara SmartGold aims to provide a comprehensive investment service to financially integrate every household in the country through a uniquely curated gold linked savings plan that allows saving in small flexible instalments.

Dvara E-Registry

Dvara E-Registry aims to help channel financial products to rural India using an intelligent blend of macro and micro alternative and traditional data to bridge the information asymmetries between clients and providers.

Dvara E-Dairy

Dvara E-Dairy is focused on solving problems of dairy farmers by deploying new-age technologies and provide access to financial services.