IFMR Capital concludes the Annual Risk Workshop for 2012

IFMR Capital recently hosted the Annual Risk Workshop for its MFI partners. The concept of the workshop was to provide a common platform for capital providers/financiers and clients, and…

Day Two at the IFMR Capital MFI Workshop

Having covered the fundamentals of debt finance and the basics of securitisation and securitisation structures as well as the roles of the different parties to the transaction on the…

Day One at the IFMR Capital MFI Workshop

29th April marked an extremely informative and stimulating start to this year’s MFI workshop on ‘New Sources of Financing for Microfinance Institutions’.

Workshop on Measuring Access to Finance

Given the scope of Microfinance in India, it is imperative to measure access and impact of finance to understand its benefits and challenges.

Workshop on Microfinance and Rural Development

At a recent workshop on “Microfinance and Rural Development” held at Ramjas College, Delhi, Nitin Chaudhary from IFMR Rural Finance had the opportunity to chair one of the sessions…

MicroSave: CEO Workshop

MicroSave, a key player in the area of market-led microfinance, recently conducted a ‘CEO Workshop’ on the theme of “Responding to Competitive Microfinance Markets”.

Capital at the ACCESS ‘Investor Readiness Workshop’

On the 8th and 9th of February 2010, Access Microfinance Alliance (AmFA), one of the largest small MFI networks in India, organized ‘ACCESS INVEST’, an investor readiness workshop for…