Technology to the rescue of MFIs

[Artoo Slate is a software solution designed for microfinance field staff that takes the entire process of data collection and loan disbursement online.

Leveraging Training through Technology

For a business operation, a great deal of what happens on the field is determined by how equipped its field managers are.

There’s a Map for That

The power of data is in being able to make sense of it. Sometimes however, under the enormity of data, the best of systems can throw a challenge in…

Technology Migration at KGFS

Recently our Rural Finance Technology team migrated our legacy core banking system to a new core banking system.

Need for KGFS mobility – and how to get there

Well regarded academicians have highlighted the importance of financial services in bringing about a transformation in the lives of those that haven’t traditionally had access to those services. The…

Head in the Clouds

Revolutionary, cost-effective technology. Is cloud computing the way forward for the development finance sector?

Net-working on the hills

The sight of the mighty Himalayas and the scenic surroundings of the hilly terrain can be a source of respite for sore eyes, but when taken in the context…