All’s well that repays well? Not necessarily.

The past year has seen many commentaries on the rapid expansion of microfinance in India warning of the imminent consequences of unbalanced growth.

Upholding Customer Protection: Tales from the Indian Courts

It is not often that the Supreme Court of India becomes disgruntled by the death of a buffalo. In September 2012, the highest court of the land found itself…

Suitability becomes a Customer Right

The RBI has published on its website the final Charter of Customer Rights for banking customers.

Towards a Suitability-based Customer Protection Regime in India

The current regulatory approach to customer protection in India can be divided into two complementary ex-ante approaches- mandated information disclosure, and financial literacy and education.

FSLRC on Financial Consumer Protection

Keeping in mind the existing state of consumer protection measures in place for India, FSLRC has proposed a consumer protection framework for financial services, with the stated objectives being…