Regulatory and Supervisory Approaches for NBFCs

In this position paper, we articulate how NBFCs can be regulated and supervised to enhance efficiency for the overall financial system

FSLRC on Micro-prudential Regulation

The financial-legal framework envisaged by the FSLRC comprises nine important components, one of which is Micro-prudential regulation.

FSLRC on Systemic Risk

Following the IMF-FSB-BIS definition, the FSLRC defines systemic risk as “ risk of disruption to financial services that is caused by an impairment of all or parts of the…

FSLRC on Financial Regulatory Architecture

India’s regulatory architecture has been driven by the creation of product-specific regulators. We have multiple regulators: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that regulates savings and credit,

FSLRC on Financial Inclusion and Market Development

The FSLRC report identifies three problems that occur when regulators pursue the objectives of financial inclusion and market development like subsidizing credit for agriculture or increasing the flow of…

FSLRC on Financial Consumer Protection

Keeping in mind the existing state of consumer protection measures in place for India, FSLRC has proposed a consumer protection framework for financial services, with the stated objectives being…

The FSLRC Approach

Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC) was set up by the Indian Government in 2011 with a mandate to help rewrite and harmonize financial sector legislation, rules and regulations. On…