Simple products not always best

A common refrain that one hears in the context of financial services for low-income households is the importance of “keeping it simple”.

Challenge of financing SMEs

India is home to about 26 million small enterprises (with investments less than 50 million) that account for about 20 per cent of the country’s GDP .

How markets can serve farmers

Agriculture incomes in India are volatile because of a number of unforeseen factors, such as weather, disease/pest infestations and/or market conditions.

Historical data, vital to design

Households slip into “bad states of the world” due to several reasons, including accident or death of the earning member, medical emergency of a family member, poor or excess…

Rethinking the Housing Strategy for Low Income Households

Increasing urbanization and massive demographic pressures that India is witnessing has brought housing and infrastructure to centre stage.

Helping build homes – Housing loan product from KGFS

With the novel objective of making Tamil Nadu the first ‘hut free State’ in the country by 2016, the state government launched a rural housing scheme called “Kalaignar Veedu…

KGFS pilots pension product

With an objective to provide a long term savings option to its customers, KGFS has added NPS-Lite (New Pension Scheme) to its product portfolio.