All’s well that repays well? Not necessarily.

The past year has seen many commentaries on the rapid expansion of microfinance in India warning of the imminent consequences of unbalanced growth.

Aggregate Risk, Saving and Malnutrition in Agricultural Households

Why is malnutrition in India’s central belt, which includes the state of Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, so high and so persistent despite relatively high rates of income growth?

Reorienting Financial Well-being through FWR 2.0

For an institution focussed on delivering high-quality and customised financial services to low-income households, the Wealth Management approach has been the one of the key underlying layers that is…

Simulating Housing Choice for Low-Income Urban Households

As part of IFMR Finance Foundation’s “Notes on the Indian Financial System” research series, Anand Sahasranaman, Vishnu Prasad & Aditi Balachander, have authored the latest research note on “Simulating Housing Choice…